Colleen Davies


Describing herself as an African soul, Colleen graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and currently lives ‘in paradise’ on a farm in Kent making art from balls of clay.

Colleen produces three ranges of work: wheel thrown functional porcelain and stoneware pieces; finely carved porcelain lighting, and sculptures of animals. She particularly enjoys the turning process when working on the wheel, observing the strength and integrity of the form which emerges from peeling off layers of clay.

Hand thrown pots are finished with Tenmoku and a blue glaze, which under heavy reduction turns an amethyst purple. Some are embellished with leaves or other markings and coloured with underglazes before applying a clear satin glaze.

Colleen is a member of Kent Potters Association and has recently started teaching on Tunbridge Wells Adult Education courses.

For more information contact Colleen via Facebook or Instagram