Suzy Phillips


Suzy has a passion for abstract expressionism and enjoys painting with oils, acrylics and mixed media. She aims to invite the viewer to communicate with the painting, to ask questions and react to what they see and feel.

Suzy is particularly inspired by the natural landscape of the South Downs, South Coast and Cornwall. Her trips abroad to South America, Morocco and the Mediterranean provided new ideas and insights which are portrayed in her work. She also responds to the form and textures of buildings, the lines and shapes of land and sea, and especially the colours that surround her.

Suzy has exhibited in galleries in London, SE and SW England, Pure Arts and SE Open Studios. She undertakes bespoke commissions and also teaches painting to small groups of adults and children. Suzy is a member of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Art Society, the ‘Creatives Group’ and is Chairperson of the T.Wells Gallery Collective where her work is on display.

For more information visit her website or Email

T: 07887 528229

Suzy Phillips, Bachelor of Educ., MSc.

Facebook: suzy.phillips2  –  Twitter: @SuzyPhillips2  –  Instagram: suzyphillips2