Vanessa Fletcher


Working as a therapist for children and families in North London has taught me the emotional weight of using art and colour for expression and dialogue. Talking therapy can be difficult but art has proved a winning tool to enable expression for a difficult narrative.

Whatever subject I am painting, it’s the initial five second punch that I try to capture and represent through abstraction and colour. I look for bright vibrant shades alongside the mystery of muted tones. As with most people, my mood can be altered and influenced by colour.

Inspiration comes from everything and anything. I tend to use a selected colour pallet for each new series of paintings. Working in paint mediums such as acrylic and encaustic wax as well as pastels and charcoal, I rub and chip until the right colour and texture reveals itself.

Recently I have been influenced by painting courses in St Ives and the work of Ben Nicholson. I start with a grid to cover my canvas, dabbling with strong geometric shapes and stacking squares of colour harmonies before using subtle washes and textures that can result in some interesting and unexpected surprises.

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